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Motif-G - A Motif-based Graph Analysis Platform

Ongoing | Solo | Java, JavaScript, Python

  • Improved algorithm performance by 1%
  • Case Studies on bioinformatics (data cleaning, visualization and analysis)
  • Web platform development (deliver a generic motif-based query system)

Regex Checker GitHub stars

Ongoing | Solo | JavaScript

  • A useful GitHub App that automatically checks whether pull request titles match user-defined patterns, or contain some disallowed patterns.

codebench: Automated code benchmark solution GitHub stars

Ongoing | Solo | Python

  • A useful command line program which helps track performance changes among commits. A git blame tool for performance.

CS Graduate School Admission: Analysis and Prediction GitHub stars

Fall 2018 | Team work | Python, R, sklearn

  • Report, presentation
  • Dataset incorporation
  • Prediction using different models including GAM, SVM, kNN

Tutoria: University-based Online Tutoring Platform GitHub stars

Fall 2017 | Team work | Python, Django, Travis

  • Documentation, project management
  • Implemented tutor detail page and tutorial booking system