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last updated at Feb 03, 2019

coala Maintainer GitHub stars GitHub forks

Developer: Feb - Sep 2018, Maintainer: Oct 2018 - Present

  • Filed 100+ issues
  • Created 60+ Pull Requests,
  • Reviewed 240+ Pull Requests

GSoC-CN Maintainer GitHub stars GitHub forks

Maintainer: Apr 2018 - Present

  • Created gci-cn project to promote Google Code-in to Chinese students
  • Maintaining gsoc-cn repository

Google Code-in Mentor (Oct - Dec 2018)

  • Supervised pre-university students to contribute to open-source organizations

Google Summer of Code Student (May - Aug 2018)

  • One of the 1,072 participants who passed the program successfully among 25,873 applicants all over the world,
  • Implemented a meta-review system, which collects and tracks GitHub reactions used by coala community to generate meaningful analysis using Node & Python
  • Extended a kanban board to display GitHub reviews interactively using React


Besides work above, I also have several contributions to a number of other open source projects. Details including my activities can mostly be found on my GitHub profile.