GSoC' 2018 Coding Phase 3 Week 3 & 4 report

The past two weeks were quite busy. Let me briefly cover what has happened.

Finish all the work left in coding phase 1 & 2

Finally, I got all my previous work done. The review process of coala is extremely strict. All the following prs take more than a month to merge. Each of them was updated more than 10 times after batches of reviews, if I recall correctly.

I proudly closed my milestones for coding phase one and two. From my observation, very few students in coala have closed their milestones 1 & 2.

Work on coding phase 3

Several prs were merged in the first two weeks (week 1 & 2)

During the past two weeks (week 3 & 4), I get some other stuff done:


GSoC takes 3 months, but it is actually far longer than that. When organization list was released on March, my GSoC journey started. Both April (proposal submitted) and May (bonding period) were quite busy, let alone the real coding period (June, July, August). I knew very little about open source development & communities, but now I am proud to say I am an open source enthusiast. I learned a lot and enjoyed a lot. Thanks to Google, coala, John (admin) and all my mentors. I did a serious javascript project, which I could not imagine before GSoC started - I knew nothing about frontend development & javascript. Again, thanks to everyone in the community. Hope my project will pass the final evaluation ;)

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