GSoC' 2018 Coding Phase 3 Week 1 & 2 report

Continue unfinished work during coding phase 1 & 2

Since this is the final phase for GSoC, part of my work is to refine previous work and get them merged before the end of coding phase 3.

Implement meta-review scoring & ranking system has been pending for almost two months. It is now very close to be merged, said by org admin. I also separated one part of logic and created another PR: Change meta-review models, which has been merged. Once this gets done, I need to finish another pull request regarding documentation, which was blocked by this PR.

There are also two large pull requests for coding phase 2 pending. Setup meta review in need this is close to be merged now.

Setup GraphQL client is finally approved by mentor. Also close to be merged now.

Work on coding phase 3

There is a lot of work to be done in the coding phase 3, most of them are small ones. The good news is I could get more and faster reviews for small prs than huge prs.

.travis.yml: Let moban task not deploy: merged

Increase test timeout threshold: merged

.travis.yml: Enable keep-history: merged Verify files exist: merged

login-modal.jsx: Add exception for default api url: merged

dashboard.jsx: Add environment REPOSITORIES approved

Add review filters functionality pending review


There is not too much left. I’ll need to hurry up and ensure my project could finish and succeed as expected.

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