GSoC' 2018 Coding Phase 2 Week 1 & 2 report

This is going to be a short post as there’s nothing special to share during the past few weeks.

Continue unfinished work during coding phase 1

I didn’t ever imagine that my work in coding phase 1 would be put off to coding phase 2. I submitted a pull request at the end of week 3, coding phase 1. I thought a week would be quite enough to get proper reviews and get it merged. I was too optimistic at that point. The fact is, it is still pending review at the moment: I was getting reviews from time to time and refining it from time to time. Now I am hoping it can be merged during coding phase 2 ;) Although it is irrelevant to my work in coding phase 2 & 3, I still hope I could close my coding phase 1 milestone in short.

Fix broken CI on gh-board repo

As what happened in coding phase 1, I spent a lot of time struggling with CI. This time Travis. Here is the issue: Travis failing due to webdriver-manager issue. Luckily, I fixed in the end. I have also sent it to the upstream repo philschatz/gh-board#147 and fixed the broken CI there.

Fix state=closed filter bug on gh-board

I found a bug with gh-board and filed an issue for that: Applying closed filter returns no issues. It seems it was a careless mistake made by the original author. Luckily, I’ve fixed it. It is critical when people want to do meta-reviews for closed pull requests.

Setup meta-review in need

This is the most significant work I’ve did in the past two weeks. See Pull request This is how it looks like: It is under pending review at the moment.


I am currently working on the issue sync part. A pull request will be submitted during the weekend.

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